Sister Gloria School Newsletter: April 2017

Mr. Morrison (School Principal)

Thanks to all the parents who came to our Celebration of Learning night. Report cards for those who were not able to make it were sent home with your children last week.
Congratulations to our students who did exceptionally well in the badminton tournament last week. Sister Gloria won the overall points trophy as well.
The next few weeks will be busy, we are hosting one more badminton tournament next Monday and Tuesday, May 8th and 9th. Come out and support the Buffalo’s. During this last term students will be having field trips or class parties, track and field day and Cultural Days (may 29 to June 2nd).
Special thanks to the high school students who helped clear out the shop part of the school so that it can be renovated for our Industrial Arts program that will be starting in the fall.

Nick Christofalos

Wow, is it really May? how did it get here so fast? The exciting part is that soon it will be June. To be honest with you. June is my favourite month. It's not just that we get longer days, better weather, ....... Hey, this is supposed to be the newsletter for April. OK, I guess April had some weather to talk about too. We had hot and cold, like that song says. I think the song is called April "Your hot then your cold, your yes and your no." I don't know. Maybe I am getting it confused with another song.
In the classroom we are continuing our study of Math concepts and have gotten into the study of Exponents including fractional exponents. My main goal this year was to teach the students 3 things, Fractions, Trigonometry, and in Science, Kinematics. I can say that I am fast approaching that goal.
Other classroom topics have included: locating and acquiring employment, and the job interview.

"Are we ever going to use this in real life?", I get asked by my students. "Yeah" I say with a smile, "Oh Yeah".

Mr. Wever

Physical Education news:

In Grades 1-12, we have spent the past number of weeks learning the skills and strategies of playing badminton. Starting in May we will be outside learning the sports of Lacrosse and Ultimate Frisbee.

In K-3, the focus has been on bouncing a ball with a variety of body parts, along with the skill of shooting a basketball properly. Starting in May, we will be outside doing a variety of activities, including kicking, striking, throwing, along with demonstrating good climbing, crawling and sliding skills on the apparatus outside.

The gym will close May 10 for renovations to ensure the facility will be ready for use in September when school reopens.

Alvina D'or

Hello to all parents and families,
we can't believe April has gone by so fast and we are all ready to start May. We have been extremely busy in the K4 classroom, students are quickly mastering how to write their names, they are now writing their own names on their work. Our 2nd round of Jolly Phonics is going great, the students are doing wonderful in their workbooks and are still learning the names of the alphabet and the sounds in the Jolly phonics part of it. We've also started on our 3rd round of math, we are so proud of the students as most of them can count to 10 with very minimal help and we are now working on their number printing and number recognition. Since the weather is warming up, we will be taking them out to the playground and the school yard during their P.E class, they've been cooped up all winter, it's time to let them run free in the playground and school yard, haha. Please make sure to send a sweater just in case the weather should turn cooler.
We welcome all parent's and guardians to drop by and visit anytime they want, our door is always open.

SGS K4 Instructing Team
Mrs. D'Or
Mrs. Nanooch

Mr. Thiessen

​NPTC Badminton Championships

On Friday, April 28, Sister Gloria School hosted the 2017 North Peace Tribal Council Badminton Championships. In addition to SGS, this tournament was represented by players from John D’or Prairie School, Dene Tha Community School, and Upper Hay River School. Participants competed in three categories: grades 4-6, grades 7-9, and grades 10-12. The tournament was a complete success; students demonstrated teamwork, sportsmanship and determination. Coaches from both JDP and DTCS commented on how well-behaved participants were and how well organzied the event was (thank you to Mr, Weaver, Mr. Morrison, Ms. Townsend, and Mr. Maclean for making that happen). JDP took home the grade 10-12 trophy for most wins, while our own SGS won the grade 4-6, 7-9, and overall tournament wins trophies. Congratulations SGS players!

Mr. Thiessen

Jessica Nawolski

Hello from the Grade Twos!

We have been busy since the move making our new classroom feel like home. We're continuing our work with word families and have started learning about magnets. We had so much fun making our very own bunny masks. We hope you enjoyed your easter as much as we did!

Gail John (Grade 3)

Hello Garden River community! The grade 3's have been finishing a multiplication unit in math, and then we will start learning how to tell time. In language arts, we continue our usual routine including a lot of phonics. In Science, we are beginning a Rocks and Minerals unit. In Social Studies we are learning about Tunisia.
Let's keep up the great attendance, remember there are still 8 weeks of learning to go...then the lazy days of summer!

Ms. John

Marie Gladue (Kindergarten News)

Hello from the K5 class!

The kindergarten students have continued working hard learning all of the concepts they need to know before they reach grade 1. We have continued working on learning the alphabet and sounds, reading, math concepts of 2D and 3D shapes, plants, and community jobs. The students also had a wonderful time dying eggs to make their own Easter eggs, a few of the pictures are below.

In our science unit of plants, our class took some apple seeds from apples they were eating for snack one day and planted them. The apple seeds are growing into some tall plants and the students enjoy coming in every morning and looking to see much they are growing. Below is a picture of how tall they were on April 27th. We invite you all to come and look at them.