Sister Gloria School Newsletter: February 2017

Mr. Morrison (School Principal)

March break and teacher's convention is March 13 to 24th, school resumes Monday March 27th. I wish all staff and students a safe spring break. When the students return there will be changes. The modernization project will be moving into phase two. The new elementary wing will be open and the high school wing of the school will be closed. The big gym will remain open until graduation in May and then it will close.

There will be no classes Friday afternoon March 10th for students as we will be moving into the new elementary classrooms and relocating the high school classes.

Mr. Christofalos

The big event this term is the trip to Ottawa to stay at the Terry Fox Youth Centre. Myself and five students had the privilege of being in Ottawa for a whole week during Encounters with Canada Sports week. It was the most exhausting teaching week of my life. As soon as I got home, I went to sleep and slept for over 12 hours nonstop. I could have slept longer, but the alarm clock was ringing and I had to get up to go to work. It was busy, it was stressful, but it was worth it just to see how it affected the students in such a positive way. I was told by the leader of Chads group that Chad was one of the best athletes he had ever seen. I saw Krystal get up in front of 200 people and perform a song. Never before have I seen someone so scared act so brave. Phoenix was able to show off her art to the amazement of her peers from all over Canada. Phillip and Carson were full of excitement in everything they did. overall I was so proud of our students.  They represented our school, our community, and aboriginal people of Canada in the best way possible.

I have been informed that some members of the community have not been able to find the photos from last year, including the Grad pictures.
All photos are in the yearbook. Just go to and click on "SCHOOL YEAR 2015-2016" then click on yearbook. there you will find all the photo's from last year. The quick link to last year's yearbook is

At the bottom of that page is a message from the editor (me), Click on that message to see all the pictures that were taken that never made the yearbook.

Mr. Wever

Physical Education Students in kindergarten to Grade 3 are learning about striking skills, particularly using paddles and balls, along with the badminton nets. Students are improving steadily in cooperation, teamwork and skill development. Students in Grades 4-14 are learning the sport of Pickleball, which is like playing table tennis on a badminton court. Steady progress is being made in all areas.

LRRBE Volleyball

On Monday, March 6, the LRRBE Junior High Boys Volleyball Championships will be held at SGS. Teams from Fox Lake, John D"Or Prairie and Sister Gloria School will compete for the right to claim the championship. Below is the schedule for the day. Come out and support your Buffalos to Victory!

Little Red River Board of Education (LRRBE)
Junior High Boys Volleyball Championship
Monday, 6 March, 2017
Sister Gloria School


Team A - Sister Gloria School
Team B - John D’Or Prairie
Team C - Jean Baptiste School
Team D - Fox Lake

Tournament Schedule:

10:00: A vs B
10:45: C vs D
11:30: A vs C
12:15: B vs D
1:00: A vsD
1:45: B vs C
2:30: Championship game (Awards to follow)

Miss. Townsend

Grade 5:

We have been working hard on 2x1 digit multiplication, and reading the first Harry Potter book - students are loving it! In art we are experimenting with outlines and silhouettes and paint! We have been working hard on anti-bullying messages and self-respect, and are looking forward to moving into our new classroom within the next few months.

Happy March!

Ms. T

Mr. Thiessen

​This February we have been studying the mekesiw. Kids have been having fun trying to mimic its various calls. We talked and learned about love, the sacred teaching the mekesiw represents.
On warmer days, we have been going outside to snowshoe and ski through the bush. There are some very talented skiers in this school!

Ms. Livingston

In February the second semester started and we are now doing Social Studies in grades 10 and 11. For the grade 10 class we are talking about Globalization and how we are all connected no matter where we live. In grade 11 the class is studying Nationalism and what it means to be Canadian.

Gail John (Grade 3)

Hello Garden River Community! The Grade 3's have been working hard, as usual. I have seen steady academic gains from most of them. The 2nd term report cards will be coming out in April.

The Activity Program has been a great incentive for this class. Each student needs to EARN THEIR WAY INTO ACTIVITIES of their choice. These are our ways to get into Activities: 1. Keep hands and feet to self 2. Stay with the group 3. Respect the belongings of others 4. Use kind words and actions 5. Do what you're told within 5 seconds, without arguing.

The Star Program has also been a good incentive. Each day I decide if a student earned a star, and every Friday the front office makes a draw, and if their name is picked, they get to choose a prize at the office. So far someone in Gr. 3 has been picked at least 5 times. Keep earning those stars, Gr. 3!

Ms. Gail John

Marie Gladue (Kindergarten News)

Hello everyone! In our classroom we have been learning a lot of new things like: counting objects to 20, reading small books, learning about animals and their habitats, learning about our community of Garden River, and doing some fun art projects. The students have been having fun with the outdoor education program and learning the alphabet on the ipads. Parents please stop by the classroom to see all the good things your child is working on. Our Teachers Convention and Spring Break is almost here and we wish you a wonderful break!

Mrs. Gladue and Roderick Blesse

Amanda LeLiever

Hello from the grade 6 class!

February has been a quick month alongside the excitement surrounding Valentine’s Day. In our class we have continued to have a strong focus on bullying prevention. In Language Arts, we have been working on skills surrounding writing, starting with attaining ideas and brainstorming. In Math, we are continuing to focus on positive and negative integers which we will finish at the end of the month. When it comes to Science class, we have been working on our new Trees and Forests unit where students have been learning the important roles that they have for ecosystems as well as for all living things.

Barrymore George

The addition to the student body of the grade 7/8 classroom has been working out real well. In our classroom we are trying to start a few group projects. We are very fortunate to have some students who are willing to help their classmates in these projects. We believe that working in groups is a real positive for everyone who is involved. In a few weeks we will be getting some hands on equipment that has the potential to transform the dynamics of our classroom. Since our students are now working in collaboration with their classmates we believe that these new equipment will be put to best use.