Sister Gloria School Newsletter: December 2016

Mr. Morrison (Our School Principal)

The first semester ends on January 27th, good luck to all students writing their final exams. High School report cards will be issued on Monday Janaury 30th.Good Luck to the students in grade 3, 6 and 9 at the Spelling Circle in Fox Lake Friday January 27. We will be sending two teams to compete in the Floor Hockey Tournament on Saturday January 28th. We have five students travelling to Ottawa tomorrow to particpate in Encounters in Canada, have a good trip and enjoy the experience. Have a great February everyone.

Mr. Christofalos

Every year, during this time, I always remind students that we are starting a new term, that means a new gradebook, a new set of assignments, but most of all, a new chance to get that "A" that you know you are capable of getting. The page has been turned, This is a fresh start.

On the happy side, I am very excited about going to Ottawa with our students for the Encounters with Canada trip. This is my first time going, So I have no idea what to expect. I will tell you more about it in next months newsletter. That way I can leave you with a cliff hanger.

Miss. Nawolski

This month we have been exploring boats and boyancy. Students have been participating in lots of experiments. We have also been playing lots of games in math to develop our addition skills. Look at us go!

Miss. Townsend

Grade 5:

We have been working hard in the fifth grade this month! Students are learning their 3x times tables with the help of a great song - ask them to sing some for you! In social studies we finally finished our physical regions unit, and have started Canadian identity. In language, we are working hard to use System 44 and Read 180. Please encourage your child to be diligent when using these programs. We are also striving to eliminate bullying in the school. Talk with your child about ignoring bullies or teasing, or telling a bully how they are making them feel.
Best wishes for February!

Miss. John

Grade 3

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas break! And now we are back at it, and the first half of the year is gone. Let's keep up that good attendance that most of the 3's have.
The grade 3's and I seem to be back in the swing of things. For language arts I have added some new stuff like word ladders and working with word families. In math, we have begun our division and multiplication unit; in social studies, we continue learning about India, and in Science, we began a new unit: Hearing and Sound. In Health, we will begin learning about Empathy.

Ms. Gail John

Ms. Gladue

The kindergarten students have been working very hard since we have been back from Christmas break!

They are mastering the letters of the alphabet and sounds that go with them, also learning some vowel combinations and consonant blends. Some of the students are even reading small beginner books!

The students are also mastering numbers to 10, counting to 20, and making correlations between numbers and objects. We have started a pattern unit and the students are enjoying working in the pattern centres.

Keep up the excellent work kindergarten students!!!

Mrs. Gladue and Roderick Blesse

Ms. Alvina D’Or

Dear K4 Parents & Guardians,
Welcome back from winter break! We hope your holidays were wonderful and that you and your children are ready to get back to work. So let’s begin to work together to make sure your child takes full advantage of all learning opportunities in our class. Here are our January plans.

In our handwriting exercises we are learning to shape our lower case letters. We recently finished our first round of the Jolly Phonics program and starting on the 2nd round where we will be working learning the names of the letters and well as the sounds. We will begin writing from all lower case letters and capital letter as well as starting to write our names daily instead of once a week. And we are moving along quite nicely in all other academic areas as well and we warmly welcome parents to drop by and visit anytime.

K4 Teaching Team
Mrs. Alvina D’Or
Mrs. Marina Nanooch

Mr. Samson


Happy New Year!!! In Grenade 8/9 we are back at school and working hard. We are currently studying Cells and Systems, the French Revolution, Percentages, and a novel study on The Giver. We have also been working on anti-bullying material since the break.

A number of my students have been playing on the school floor hockey team, which is very exciting!

I would also like to congratulate Krystal Alook on her selection to the student trip to Ottawa. Have fun Krystal!

Mr. Samson