Sister Gloria School Newsletter: March 2017

Mr. Morrison (School Principal)

March was a busy month here at SGS. The elem students moved into their newly renovated classrooms just before the break. The new kitchen opened and the students have enjoyed the menu change and we now serve apple and orange juice as well as milk.

I want to thank the senior students for all their help during the move. They were very efficient and careful moving all of the classrooms in record time. I will be arranging something special for them in the near future.

Our activity program will be going through some changes in April. These will be announced to the students after the April staff meeting on April 7th.

Celebration of Learning—Parent/Teacher interviews will be held on April 20th. I hope that we get as good a turn out as we did for the last one.

Mr. Christofalos

What happened in March? Well, we (the high school) moved to the portables. I am planning on starting a linux computer workstation there, I am also making a small workout area (very small). I am looking forward to getting settled into my new home away from home (another word for my classroom). What else can I say, the days are longer, the nights are shorter, and the weather is warmer. Report cards are just around the corner and so is summer.

Quick little reminder repeated from last month follows

I have been informed that some members of the community have not been able to find the photos from last year, including the Grad pictures.
All photos are in the yearbook. Just go to
and click on
"SCHOOL YEAR 2015-2016"
then click on yearbook.
there you will find all the photo's from last year. The quick link to last year's yearbook is


At the bottom of that page is a message from the editor (me), Click on that message to see all the pictures that were taken that never made the yearbook.

Mr. Wever

Physical Education LRRBE Floor Hockey Tournament is Fox Lake. In early March the SGS Buffaloes sent three floor hockey team to Fox Lake toxcompete in the LRRBE Floor Hockey Championships. Our Grade 4-6 mixed team andxgirls team competed well and both finished in fourth place in the tournament.xOur Junior High Boys team went undefeated in round robin play and met JDP in thexfinal. The Junior High boys finished with the silver medal, falling 3-1 to thexEagles of JDP. Our High School boys team also went through round robinxundefeated and also met JDP in the final. A very close checking games resultedxin the SGS Buffaloes winning the championship with a thrilling 1-0 win!xCongratulationa to all of our student athletes for participating this year inxfloor hockey. Thank you to Miss Townsend and Mr. Thiessen for coaching ourxteams.

Badminton Season has started at SGS.

SGS has started badminton practices after school from 3:30 - 4:45. The will be three teams competing, Grades 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12. Practices are for both boys and girls. There will be two tournaments for badminton this year. The FNSSP tournament will be held April 29 right here in Garden River. The LRRBE Badminton Championships will be held May 8/9, also here at SGS. All those interested in trying out for the team must come to all the practices. Team selection will take place on April 14.

Mrs. Gladue

Hello from the K5 Room!!!

I hope that your 2 week March break was good! There are a few things that we>would like to tell you about in this newsletter.

1. The Kindergarten students and teachers are very excited to be in our new>classroom. Please come to the school to check it out! We are located at the>end of the hallway by the old office area, it used to be the outdoor education>room.

2. The Kindergarten students last day of school is Tuesday June 13th. The>students will be dismissed at 12:00pm so they can go home and get ready for the>Kindergarten Grad which takes place on the same day June 13th at 2:00pm. Please>have your child to the school by 1:45pm so we can get them dressed in their cap>and gown for graduation.

3. The kindergarten students are starting to learn to read with small readers.>Please help them to practice their reading skills by getting them to read those>small readers to you at home.

We look forward to a final few months with the students and we can not wait to>see how much they grow in the coming months. Please stop by our classroom to>see what your children are learning and to see what our new classroom looks>like.

Mrs. Gladue and Roderick Blesse

Mr. Samson


In Grade 8/9 were excited about our move to the Science room. We have so muchbroom!!! We're well rested from our two week vacation. I personally enjoyed onebweek of mine in beautiful Mexico. I'm excited to work hard with my class overbthe remaining three months to finish off all of the fun/interesting topics webhave to cover.

Have a great April everyone!
Mr. Samson

Ms. Townsend

Hope you all had a wonderful March break. We are moved into our new classroom and getting settled quite nicely! We are looking forward to the rest of April, and warmer weather! Have a great month!

Mr. Thiessen

Hello all and happy spring time!!

Just before all the snow began to melt and the lakes thaw, we managed to bring out the grade 7-12 male students out for 3 consecutive boys survival camp excursion days. The High school and grade 6/7 groups managed to catch 15 Northern Pike each while ice-fishing! Students were also taught how to trap muskrats and martens, and how to set up a spruce-log tent.