Sister Gloria School Newsletter: September/October 2016

Mr. Morrison (Our School Principal)

My name is Mr. Lloyd Morrison and I arrived here in Garden River on September 19th to take on the Principals position.
I am originally from Weyburn, SK where I was a Principal in the Southeast Cornerstone School Divison for 27 years. My wife Kenda and I are the Parents of three children (two girls and a boy) and we have twelve grand children ranging in age from 4 to 16.
I look forward to working with the students, staff, board and community here in Garden River to offer the students a well balanced education.

Mr. Christofalos

Welcome to our first online Newsletter. I am very excited about the advances that Sister Gloria School is seeing, We have the benefit of seeing some major changes taking place here. Our school is making some fantastic improvements as far as the building is concerned, We are going to witness a school building that will be almost brand new very soon. Of course, the construction is going to be a burden at first, but nothing good comes easy.
We are also seeing a new age that has finally arrived to Sister Gloria School, and age of online yearbooks and online newsletters. It has been a long time coming, and I am very proud to have played my very small role in it.

In the classroom we are working very hard to meet the standards of Alberta Education by studying Volume and Surface area in Math 10-C and Human Body in Biology 20. It's not an easy road, But like I said before, Nothing good is easy.

Oh, and in keeping with the concept of Nothing Good is Easy, I would like to let everyone know about our new rewards program at the school. Students that are seen having good behaviour will be given a star point. So every time you are well behaved, you get a star point. if you can manage to get one billion star points by the end of the week, then your name goes in a draw to win 100 million dollars and a chance at the super prize, An autographed picture of me. Oh wait, I made a mistake. Actually, you only need to get 5 star points, and the prize will not be 100 million dollars, but it will be nice. A 25 dollar gift card.  It's sort of like money but you can only spend it at one place.  And the younger grades will get a toy.  That's better than money for kids.   Oh, and of course, one very lucky winner at the end of the year will have the chance to win the coveted picture of me. Autographed of course.
You may be asking, "Is that all?" And the answer is "NO, We have much more". How does Karaoke sound? what about Dance fun? How would you feel about watching a fun movie or taking part in a baking class where you get to eat what you make? Or maybe you would enjoy some art? All of these events are being offered and much more. But you have to earn your way into them. And how do you earn your way in to these fun events instead of staying in class and doing classwork? By being a good citizen in the school. By listening to your teacher. By not leaving class without permission. There are so many rules to follow, It's not easy to be good, but nothing good is easy. Just keep thinking of the rewards and you will succeed. Have a great time at school, and be good.

Mr. Wever

Physical Education News.

Since the beginning of the school year, all classes (K-12) have been working on a cross country running and fitness training unit. A 400 meter course was set up in the field and every class had several opportunities to work on their cardiovascular endurance training. The younger grades were running 1600 meters while the older students were required to run at least 3200 meters, Some of the students were running almost 5000 meters in a single class!

Starting October 3, grades 4-12 will be working on the Volleyball unit. K through Grade 3 will be working in a series of stations designed to develop their overall locomotor skills. Should be a very fun month of PE classes!

Sister Gloria School Shines at local Cross Country Events.

A picture perfect day at John D’Or School brought the best runners in Little Red River Cree Nation (LRRCN) together on September 22 to participate in the first annual Little Red River Board of Education (LRRBE) Cross Country Championships. The three divisions included Grades 4-6 Girls / Boys, Grades 7-9 Girls / Boys and Grade 10-12 Men / Women.

SGS was well represented in many of the groupings. Congratulations to Isabelle Peecheemow and Garrison Alook for winning the Midget girls and Junior Boys title respectively! Here is the list of how each division finished and the top 6 runners in each event, along with the total points for each school.
Here is the SGS Cross Country team for 2016.

A Silver lining for the SGS Cross Country team in Rocky Lane! Sister Gloria School made a very clear statement at the Fort Vermillion School Division Cross Country Championships on September 28: WATCH OUT - HERE COME THE BUFFALOS! Three young men traveled to Rocky Lane and represented SGS extremely well. In the Junior Boys division, Adam Sepewagaham finished fifth out of 15 runners in his 3000 meter race. His hard work and positive attitude were indeed something to be proud of! Well done Adam! In the Intermediate Boys Division, which was also 3000 meters, Garrison Alook claimed the silver medal with a gutsy performance through the entire race, finishing less than 30 second behind the gold medalist. He is going to continue to make noise in the future in running! Well done Garrison! And in the oldest age category for boys, Bruce Alook also claimed the silver medal. Bruce is truly amazing. Running with 18 year old boys, he finished only 40 seconds behind the gold medalist from Fox Lake in the 6000 meter event. Yes. 6000 meters! And he only walked once on a course that had 8 hills to conquer! Please take a moment to congratulate these three young men that represented Sister Gloria School so well, both off and on the course! Much to be thankful for!

Volleyball Season has begun!
The Junior High boys and girls have had three weeks of practice already in preparation for matches with the other LRRBE schools and Fort Vermillion Schools. Our teams hope to travel on Saturdays to play schools from Rocky Lane, La Crete, High Level, Fort Vermillion and Rainbow Lake. SGS hopes to host Fox Lake and John D’Or for volleyball games in the next couple of weeks. Student Athletes traveling must have their permission slip filled in and handed back to Mr. Wever on time! Practices for Junior High are on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 3:45 to 5:15. There may be other days of practice as well. We look forward to a good year of increased skill development and great teamwork and fair play!

Miss. Nawolski

Hello, my name is Miss Nawolski. I am teaching Grade 2. I grew up in Central Alberta in the city on Lacombe. This is my first year teaching and I have been enjoying getting to know your kids. During the past month of school we have been focusing on numeracy and literacy in the classroom. We have also been developing social skills such as sharing and waiting our turn.

Miss. Townsend

Hello SGS! My name is Krysta Townsend, and I am the grade 5 teacher this year. This will be my first year teaching, and I am thrilled to do it here at Sister Gloria School. I am so excited to learn together. In our class, we are doing a lot of exciting things! In math, we are finishing up a unit on place value, and are moving on to rounding! In science, we are talking about weather and doing a lot of observations and great thinking. Art has us creating line work creations, and we are working on mapping skills in social studies. The students are settling into our class routines, and we just started a new behaviour rewards system - ask your students about it! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns about your student. My email is, or you can call the school. Happy October!

Miss. John

Hello, Garden River Community! My name is Ms. Gail John. I am the grade 3 teacher again this year. September has been about my students and I getting used to our routines and procedures. We have been learning about Animal Life Cycles in Science; Ukraine in Social Studies; Number recognition & applying arithmetic operations in Math; Balanced Literacy program in Language Arts; Second Step program in Health; Seasonal arts & crafts in Art. I look forward to another great year! Enclosed is a picture of the grade 3's! Aren't they awesome?

Miss. LeLiever

Hello, my name is Miss. LeLiever and I will be your son/daughters teacher for the grade 6/7 class this year! I hope the transition of back to school has been an easy and enjoyable one for you and your family. I am very excited for this school year at Sister Gloria School and for all the fun things that I have planned for your child.
To give you some background information I have been supply teaching for two years in Ontario at an international private school. I have a degree in Sociology and went to teachers college at Niagara University where I obtained my teaching certificate in Intermediate/Senior Social Studies. I enjoy learning and sharing what I have learned and inspiring my students to do the same!
What we have been learning: In Social Studies, we have been focusing on what it means to be a good citizen, and how we can contribute to our communities and society through our actions and responsibilities. In math, we are working through the patterns and relations unit with a focus on patterns in division. During science, we have been learning about interactions and ecosystems, with a focus on habitats. In our art classes, students have been working on various projects focused on drawing skills. With Halloween coming up at the end of October, we will be focusing on more fun-themed Halloween arts and crafts within the classroom!

Mr. Barrymore

My name is Mr. Barrymore and I am the Grade 7/8 teacher at Sister Gloria School. This is my first year at the school and I am planning to make this year with my students an exciting one. We are planning on having a series of hands on activities which I am certain the students will enjoy. So far we have been studying plants and how important they are in our community. We will be looking at the cultural significance of traditional herbs.
In Math class we have been focusing on number sense and numeration. The students are having a fun time learning new concepts and we are hoping that this will continue as the school year progresses.
I am looking forward to meet the parents and guardians of my students.

Mr. Thiessen

Tansi! After teaching grade 8/9 the last two years, I am excited to be taking over the Outdoor Education program from Kevin Kuipers. We had a fun start in September, as all grades 6-12 students had the opportunity to spend some time at the school camp. Keep your eyes on Facebook, as I will be uploading pictures from our adventures. Moving into October, we will be focusing on firearm safety and handling. Mahsi, Sean Thiessen.