Sister Gloria School Newsletter: Month Year

Message from the Principal

The students here at SGS have been very busy lately. Many students competed in the Little Red Floor Hockey Tourney in Fox Lake and took three gold and one silver. This week the students received their trophies and medals from the tournament in December in which they took all the gold medals. We held a pep rally and presented the students with their medals.

To celebrate our Floor Hockey success this year and Valentine's Day we served Ice Cream Sundae's to all the students and staff on Tuesday February 13th.

The students have been getting some cross country skiing in. Wednesday twelve students went to Rocky Lane to get some skiing in.

The grade twelve students will be having a Grad meeting on Wednesday February 21 at 3:45. A parent or guardian should attend this meeting. This year's graduation will take place on June 16th.

Just a reminder that our annual Teacher's Convention and Spring Break will be coming up in March, the dates are 10th to March 25th.

We encourage all parents to make sure your children come to school regularly. In order for students to do their best they need to be in class. We are asking all parents to help their children succeed by seeing that they come to school.

Have a great Spring Break..........

Mr. Morrison

Special Education

Happy February, everyone! I hope you enjoy the photos of the kiddos working hard in class. Just a little over a month until March break! We can do it!

Mrs. Coley


We all benefit when we celebrate each other’s successes, encourage each other on to bigger and better things in life, and have someone to talk to in private about tough things. We all need to be offered “Unconditional Positive Regard” by at least a few adults in our lives. That’s a special job of a school counsellor. It means that no matter who you are, or what you’ve done, the school counsellor will welcome you, listen to you, and be on your side.

This month and next, all the of the high school students will be touching base with the school counsellor for short meetings to see how their year is going. I look forward to getting to know all of you a bit better!

Miss Stephens

Industrial Arts

Hello, currently high school students are building doghouses that are to be used as a grad fundraiser. Excited to see the completed projects around town.

Mr. Stauffer

Physical Education

What an exciting first few months back after Christmas break. Our hockey teams traveled to Chateh for a tournament and all teams came out champions! These past two weeks our teams traveled to Fox Lake for the inaugural LRRBE Floor Hockey Championships. Once again the Buffalos cleaned up- having won 4 out of the 5 trophies and taking a close second place in a thrilling 5 round shootout loss!

Basketball will wrap up in two weeks as the teams travel to John D'or for a tournament- good luck teams!

Badminton will be starting in a few weeks, on that note I would like to thank all the coaches that have been helping out; without you these sports teams could not happen!

Go Flames Go

From the Sports Desk of
Mr. McKay

Outdoor Education

Students have been learning about the fur trade and how it is connected to traditional and conventional trapping methods as practiced by members of Little Red. They are learning about fur-bearing animals and their Cree names. In other news, the Outdoor Education Program has been the recipient of a large grant from CIER, bringing in 25 sets of winter clothing. Enjoy the pictures!

Mahsi, Creator's blessings to all.
Sweet T

Cree Language and Culture with Niles

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to make an entry in the newsletter this month.


Cree Language and Culture with Violet

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to make an entry in the newsletter this month.

Miss Violet Blesse
Mrs. Connie Nanooch

Dear K4 Parents,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to make an entry in the newsletter this month.

Mrs. D’Or & Mrs. Nanooch

K-5 Classroom

Happy February from the K5 Classroom!

The K5 students have been working hard in all of their lessons and have shown a lot of growth since returning from Christmas Break. All of the students are starting to learn to read small words and some of them can even read a simple sentence. We are reviewing how to write our numbers and soon will be learning more about numbers like comparing, drawing pictures to numbers, and learning numbers 11-20. The students have been really working on their social skills, learning about how to treat fellow classmates and how to use their manners. The K5 class has really enjoyed making some Valentine crafts in the last two weeks. Please come to see all of our work and crafts in our classroom.

Mrs. Gladue, Malena Loonskin, and Tanya Nanooch

Grade One

February is here and the Grade One Class is hopping! In Language Arts we are speeding through our sound letter unit headed straight for sound blending. Our Number Sense unit is whizzing by as we proceed to Addition and Subtraction. Things are getting exciting in Science with our Seasonal Changes unit. And we are making great progress in our Home, School, and Community unit in Social Studies. January was such a busy month we decided we needed some fun time, which we filled with art projects:

No winter blahs here!

Please come by and see them in action... it's a thing of beauty!

Ms. Tara Barnett

Grade 2 Classroom

Since Winter break we have been very busy. We set some goals for the remaining school year and have continued working on phonetic recognition. In Science we finished our second unit, Boats and Buoyancy, and continued onto Hot and Cold Temperatures. We have started looking at a new community in Social Studies and are working on comparing numbers in math. We got the chance to participate in some really cool experiments when Science in Motion was at our school.

Unit next month,
Mrs. S. & Wynter

Grade 3

Hello, Garden River community!
We are now officially in the last half of this school year. Let's keep regular attendance happening grade 3's, you are doing great!

Some of the grade 3, 6 & 9 recently went to the the LRRBE Spelling Circle in Fox Lake, here are some pictures... .

Ms. Gail John and Kyler Tallcree

Grade 4

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to make an entry in the newsletter this month.

Mr. Barrymore

Grade 5

Hi everyone!

We hope you're staying warm this winter! The grade 5s have been busy finishing up our Harry Potter novel study, and working on Fast Facts to improve their addition skills. We also enjoyed being crime scene investigators with Science in Motion, and learning about electricity in the classroom.

Being CSIs with Science in Motion!

Building circuits!

Making arrays in multiplication Zap!

Paiting tints and shades for our feather bulletin board!

Our finished bulletin board!

Ms. T and Debra

Grade 6

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to make an entry in the newsletter this month.

Miss Johnstone

Grade 7 and 8

Happy Valentine’s Day Garden River!

January was a busy month in the grade 7/8 classroom! We have finished up units in all our cores subjects and are pushing forward. We have begun new units in probability in math, we are beginning our heat unit in science, and continuing our reading, vocabulary, and writing skills in English.

We are excited about the olympics as well and are cheering for Canada. We are tracking Canada’s medals and learning about all the neat sports taking place this year.

We are also very proud of our classmates for their hockey tournament wins in Fox Lake this past couple weeks! Go Garden River!!!!! .

Until next month,
Ms. Roop

Grade 9

Doing very well so far kids, keep up the good work, and keep coming to class.

Mr. Tyler

High School English and Social Studies

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to make an entry in the newsletter this month.

Miss Livingstone

High School Math and Science

This entire article is about the Science Activities that I started doing very recently.
When I was a child, my cousin showed me that when you mix vinegar and baking soda together, you get fizz. Yes, that is what we called it. And I still remember his words, "see how much fun science can be". That for me was the little seed that got me interested in Science. I didn't know what science was at the time, but I knew it was fun.
As I got more and more into science, I also discovered that science was not only fun, but also very interesting and very useful. The more I dove into this thing called science, the more sense everything made. And, many years later. I am now a science teacher.

But I still have that desire to reach children when they still have wonder and amazement. I remember I was begging Santa for a chemistry set and a microscope. And Santa would say, "get a job, you are 27 years old for crying out loud". Actually, that was a joke, I was actually only 24 years old at the time. But that is not important right now.
Anyway, I look at these kids, and I am always hoping that one day in my class, I have just one kid that has that awakening. I am still hoping for that one time when I say, "see how much fun Science can be". and know that out there, in the audience, is one kid that will take that little seed and plant it as I did, and watch it grow as I did, and maybe one day be able to pass that amazement and wonder to the next generation. Every day in the classroom I look at the students and say, "This is the day that the seed will be planted". It's possible that I have planted many seeds within many students. It's also possible that I have not planted a single one. All I can do is just keep tossing those seeds out there and hope that some take root.

Nick Christofalos
Candidate for
best Math and Science Teacher
in Sister Gloria School
for the 2017-2018 School year