Sister Gloria School Newsletter: January 2018

Message from the Principal

Happy New Year and welcome back to the second half of the school year.

We anticipate that the school renovations should be complete by the end of February and we will finally be getting back to normal.

January is a busy month. The first semester comes to and end and the Grade 12's will be writing their Alberta Education Finals. Students in grades 4-9 will be taking their CAT testing this month.

This week the students will be having two different presentations. Cross Country skiing is first up and then the people from Science in Motion will be here.

Later this month the Floor Hockey teams will be travelling to Fox Lake to play in the Little Red Floor Hockey tournament.

This week students in grades 4-9 will be bringing home consent forms for Sex Ed. If you wish your child to take part you need to nothing, but if you want your child to not participate you will need to sign and return the form to your child's teacher or the office. Please note that Sex Ed is part of the Alberta curriculum.

Last but not least, if you have any concerns about your child's education please feel free to call or see your child's teacher or myself. We want all students to get the most out of what this school has to offer in a safe and caring environment.

Mr. Morrison

Special Education

Happy 2018! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Holiday! I am excited to start the New Year with you all! Have a great January, and try to stay warm :)

Mrs. Coley


Did you know that music can can help treat anxiety and depression? It can boost confidence and help students think more clearly, too!

A few days ago Demetrius and Roloson helped Mr Stauffer put together one of our new pianos, and Raya was the very first to sit down to play. There were four other students seated behind her, watching. As she began to make up her own music, they leaned back into their chairs and Savannah exclaimed, "So relaxing!" We already have musical children in our school!

Our music program will begin in February with older students, from grade four upwards, who expressed an interest in learning piano. On each Activity day, ten students will have time on a keyboard or piano. Mr. Stauffer and Mr. Barrymore will also help them learn to play the guitar! We are lucky to have such musical staff, and a Board of Education that provides these opportunities. There are so many wonderful, healthy things to experience in life! Niama's shirt says it all!

I wish you a very Happy 2018 full of exciting new activities to fall in love with!

Miss Stephens

Industrial Arts

Hello all, getting excited to finish the first semester! High school students will be building doghouses for a grad fundraiser starting in February. Everyone else will be working on tic tac toe games and coat racks. Hope everyone had an awesome holiday and is excited for the new year.

Mr. Stauffer

Physical Education

Happy New Year SGS,

Hockey and Basketball teams will continue practicing throughout the month of January. The Buffalo hockey teams will head to Fox Lake Feb 1/2 for the annual LRRBE floor hockey tournament. Badminton teams will be starting up mid February.

From the Sports Desk of
Mr. McKay

Outdoor Education

Greetings and Happy New Year everyone!!

Just before break we have introduced the students to cross-country skiing. This coming weekend we will be taking a small group to Rocky Lane to learn skiing from professional coach Les Parsons. In these coming cold, winter months, students will be learning about the pesew (Canada Lynx) and wapos (Snowshoe Hare). We will study the fur-trading business, and the lifestyle of a trapper. Stay warm!

Mahsi, Creator's blessings to all.
Sweet T

Cree Language and Culture with Niles

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to make an entry in the newsletter this month.


Cree Language and Culture with Violet

Happy New Year!
We are happy to be back to school, we hope everyone had a wonderful 2 weeks of holidays and a wonderful Christmas. We are excited to see what’s in store for us this year

Miss Violet Blesse
Mrs. Connie Nanooch

Dear K4 Parents,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to make an entry in the newsletter this month.

Mrs. D’Or & Mrs. Nanooch

K-5 Classroom

Happy New Year!!!

The kindergarten class is getting back into the swing of things in the classroom. We are continuing to learn about the alphabet and sounds of the letters. The students are also learning sight words and sounding out/printing small three letter words. In math class the students are learning about patterns that involve shapes, numbers, letters, and colours. In science class we are now learning about seasonal changes. In social studies class we are going to be making a passport and learning about different places around the world. In art class we are still working on doing crafts and activities that are seasonal.

Please stop by to see us in the Kindergarten class. We would love to show you what we are doing!

Mrs. Gladue, Malena Loonskin, and Tanya Nanooch

Grade One

Welcome back everyone! It is good to be back in class after a bit of a break. Unfortunately a lot of us are sick right now, which makes for a slower start than usual, but fairly soon we will be up to speed and ready to tackle new and exciting topics across the subjects.

We here in the Grade One class would like to send you our very best wishes for the New Year. Stay warm and healthy!

Ms. Tara Barnett

Grade 2 Classroom

Happy New Year from the Grade Two's!

The new year is a time that we often focus on improving ourselves by setting goals for the year to come. We took some time to set goals we will work towards before the end of the year. We are currently finishing up our second unit in Science and are starting to look at other communities in Canada in Social Studies.

We also want to take a moment to thank all the parents who took the time to make our holiday season special and for contributing to our Christmas party. We were very thankful for all of the delicious snacks. We will miss Jingle as he has gone back to the North Pole to be Santa for the rest of the year.

Wishing you all a warm and safe New Year,

Mrs. S & Wynter

Grade 3

Happy New Year, Garden River Community! I hope you all had an awesome Christmas Holidays. I enjoyed my time in Saskatchewan with my family and friends. Now it is time to get on with the rest of this year. In math we have started learning about multiplication. We also started Mathletics on the Ipads which the students will do 3 times per week. We continue with Today's Number twice a week and the students are becoming quite good at it. In Social Studies we began learning about India. In Science, we are finishing up our Animal Life Cycles unit.
Here are some Christmas pictures from Santa Day (Dec/2017)

Ms. Gail John and Kyler Tallcree

Grade 4

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to make an entry in the newsletter this month.

Mr. Barrymore

Grade 5

We hope you had a restful break, and are ready to be back at school and learn! In grade 5, we are just beginning our units on multiplication, and electricity. It is important that your child attends class EVERY day so they can grow to their full potential. Best wishes for 2018!

Cross Country Ski lessons with coach Les!

Practicing our reading!

Santa Day! We were all on the nice list.

We have been playing lots of card games to work on our math. Ms. T and Debra

Grade 6

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone had an awesome break and Christmas! We are excited to be back and to see what the New Year brings! Have an awesome January!

Miss Johnstone

Grade 7 and 8

DHappy New Year! It is hard to believe that 2018 is upon us already. I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and were able to rest and relax.
The new year is going to be just as exciting as the last in the grade 7/8 classroom. We are finishing up our unit on bridges and forces in science, looking at aboriginal tales and folklore in English, finishing up our fraction unit in Math, and continuing to grow as a class community in health.

I hope for growth and prosperity this coming year for each and everyone in Garden River.

Until next month,
Ms. Roop

Grade 9

Hi folks,
It' s shaping up to be a good term. Keep attending!

Mr. Tyler

High School English and Social Studies

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to make an entry in the newsletter this month.

Miss Livingstone

High School Math and Science

Looks like January is going to be a busy month for the High School students in Sister Gloria School, We have final exams coming up, We have sporting events, we even have special guests coming to show kids some neat science activities.
My classroom has been turned into a study/review center for the Biology final exams coming up at the end of the month. January 26 at 9:00 AM.
I wish all students a Happy New Year, and as we enter the coldest months of the year, I wish you all a warm and friendly winter full of hot chocolate and good friends.

Nick Christofalos
Candidate for
best Math and Science Teacher
in Sister Gloria School
for the 2017-2018 School year