Sister Gloria School Newsletter: November 2017

Message from the Principal

Renovations are continuing and we can see the end in sight. The last classrooms will be ready by the end of November. The Home Ec equipment has arrived and should be installed this week. I know the students are looking forward to cooking something soon.
Halloween is now over and we move on to Remembrance Day. We will be having a ceremony in the big gym this Thursday November 9 th for the students and of course any community members that would like to attend are welcome. Start time 11:00 am.
We are starting practice this week for the junior and senior Floor Hockey teams. Our two teams will be travelling to High Level the first week of December to defend their first place victories from last year. We are already planning for Christmas. In our next newsletter look forward to the Christmas events for 2017.
The school will be closed on Friday November 10 th for the long weekend. We will be open on Monday November13th.

Mr. Morrison

Special Education

I hope everyone had a wonderful October and a Happy Halloween! I can't believe it is already November! October was a busy month with volleyball, and each team did an amazing job representing Sister Gloria School with their talents. I am looking forward to another great month -- only 54 days until Christmas!

Mrs. Coley


Buffalo Awards

Community members on our staff helped us create Positive Behaviour Expectations for our entire school community:

Look after each other,
Be responsible,
Use Wisdom,
Honour Yourself.

These are all rooted in the 7 teachings! In November, we are focusing on Looking After Each Other. Students who are caught looking after someone else in a special way are honoured on our Buffalo Board, and have a chance to win a prize each week at our Monday morning assemblies. We are proud of students who look after each other!

Understanding Bullying

The teachings of Love, Respect, Humility, Wisdom and Courage all support the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Did you know that by doing this, we can stop bullying? See this powerful video: How to Stop a Bully, by Brook Gibbs.

Our Grades 7-12 students have watched this video. We discussed ways we did or did not agree with it. Please talk to your children about this, and let’s work together to understand, and to stop bullying!

Mental Health Awareness

Congratulations to Phoenix, Billy Joe, Wally, Miracle and Kiara for representing Sister Gloria school at a conference in High Level. They heard from courageous and successful students who live with anxiety and depression, and discussed ways to bring more awareness to our own school. This team will begin its work this month to address the stigma around mental health.

Miss Stephens

Students who attended Mental Health Awareness Conference in High Level

Industrial Arts

Hello all, Great job on all of our class projects. Some fantastic toolboxes have been completed and our syllabics chart for the Cree classroom turned out great. Over the next month we will start to talk about framing and design while constructing scale model houses. We are also going to have an after school mechanics club for high school students.

Mr. Stauffer

Physical Education

October was very busy with cross country and volleyball. Thank you to all cross country runners for your hard work and dedication, I hope to see you all out next year. I would like to congratulate Garrison Alook, he qualified for cross country provincials in Edmonton. Garrison ran a great time of 18 minutes covering 4 km and competed against the fastest 15/16 years old's in the province!! WAY TO GO!!
Mrs. Coley, Mr. Stauffer and myself took 3 teams to Meander RIver for a volleyball tournament on October 13/14. Elementary finished second- lost a very close championship game, Jr High boys finished second- played great against a high school team, Jr High girls took GOLD!!!!
Our Senior Volleyball High teams are headed to Grande Prairie Nov 3/4 to compete against several schools in Northern Alberta, LETS GO BUFFALOES!!
Floor Hockey will be starting Nov 13, practice times will be posted for each age group (elementary, Jr high, High school).
Basketball will be starting Nov 27, practice times will be posted for each age group (elementary, Jr high, High school).

From the Sports Desk of
Mr. McKay

Outdoor Education

October has been a month of transition for us in Outdoor Education. We finished off our cabin trips in the first week, learned about archery in the second week (which was finalized with a tournament on the 12th) and have been studying the maskwa (black bear) for the remainder. A big congratulations to Denver Nanooch for winning the SGS Bullseye Archery competition! A reminder that his brother, Bruce Alook, won the SGS Eagle Eye Marksmanship competition earlier in the year; a talented family!

Mahsi, Creator's blessings to all.
Sweet T

Cree Language and Culture with Niles

in elementary we have been learning how to read basic cree words and what they mean
for the high school we been translating basic cree words to english words so they can understand what they mean and also we have been doing crafts, we made tipis using beads.If you guys have time to come and check them out,you can. feel free to drop in anytime. thanks


Cree Language and Culture with Violet

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to make an entry in the newsletter this month.

Miss Violet Blesse
Mrs. Connie Nanooch

Dear K4 Parents,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to make an entry in the newsletter this month.

Mrs. D’Or & Mrs. Nanooch

K-5 Classroom

Hello from K5!!!

The students in the Kindergarten class are making a lot of progress this month. They are learning to share and cooperate with the other students in the class. This has helped to ensure that centre time and work time are a more effective learning time for all students. The students are continuing their work on alphabet sounds and letters, numbers to 10, colours, and a unit all about me. In November we will be starting a unit on the five senses and learning more on how to cooperate with others not just in the classroom but in the school and playground as well. Please stop by the classroom to see what your child has been working on.

With the high school career counselling, we have now completed all of the initial credit talks and will be looking at the different careers that the students would like to go into. This will show the students which post secondary schools they can go to for their chosen career and what requirements they need to have in high school to get into that program. If you would like to talk about your child's career path and how to help them acheive their goals then please call the school and set up a time to meet with myself and your child.

Mrs. Gladue,
Roderick Blesse
and Malena Loonskin

Grade One

Winter Greetings from the Grade One class!

Now that the settling-in period is over, everyone has got down to business. In Language Arts we have begun learning letter sounds and shapes of the alphabet and started discussing story elements through fairy tales. In Math it's patterns, and students are having fun learning to make their own using a variety of items. Science is all about colour and we are just getting into the hands-on portion of the unit -- we'll all be covered in paint and marker very soon! In Social Studies we are studying Garden River and other places to discover what makes them a community. And, last but not least, students are enjoying doing a variety of art projects that go with the seasons and holidays around this time of year. Through it all we continue to talk about and work on manners and behaviour and already there are signs of growth! We're also still having lots of fun -- just take a look:

Ms. Tara Barnett

Grade 2 Classroom

Wow! October has come and gone once again. We had a busy month learning about solids, liquids and gases as well as working on our skip counting. We spent time thinking about the things we are thankful for and had so much fun for our Halloween party. Thank you to the families who contributed such delicious snacks for our party.

Until next month,
Mrs. S and Wynter

Grade 3

Hello Garden River! The grade 3's are learning about Ukraine, Animal Life Cycles, Different ways of learning about numbers, and the usual Language Arts: Spelling, Phonics, making words, word ladders and reading comp. Our learning environment has improved since most students have settled into our rules, routines and procedures. Here are some Halloween pictures...enjoy!

Ms. Gail John and Kyler Tallcree

Grade 4

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to make an entry in the newsletter this month.

Mr. Barrymore

Grade 5

The grade 5 class has been busy working on respect and responsibility in the classroom! We have done many Halloween crafts, and even saved the world from teacher domination with a class mystery game! November will see us continue to work on our sentence writing, rounding skills, and reading!

Ms. T and Debra

Grade 6

Hey Sister Gloria, I hope everyone had a wonderful October. Everyone had awesome Halloween costumes! This year is flying by so far and I hope everyone has a fantastic November!

Miss Johnstone

Grade 7 and 8

October has been a spooky month in the grade 7/8 classroom. We took on the Halloween spirit fully and had lots of fun decorating our door and creating eatable haunted houses. Along with all the fun things we did, we also completed our unit on ecosystems in science, our unit on integers in math, and continued expanding our literacy skills in English.

In November we are moving on in all our subjects. Our classroom economy has also been a great success and as a whole the class has already come so far and is growing into a strong community.

Until next month,
Ms. Roop

Grade 9

Hello all, It is hard to believe we are almost through the fall. It is shaping up to be a great year in grade 8/9. Keep attending!

Mr. Tyler

High School English and Social Studies

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to make an entry in the newsletter this month.

Miss Livingstone

High School Math and Science

October is over, November is here. My big news is that I will be moving back into the main school building and out of the portables. I will have the space and the resources to make science a lot more fun. I know what you are thinking, “How can science possibly be more fun?” Well, just wait til I get set up again. In the coming month we will be focusing on genetic variation of living things. In other words why do you look like your siblings but still look different. Another big thing about November is Remembrance Day. A time to think about what it means to be a Canadian. Or better yet, a time to think about what it means to be a member of the human race. What it means to struggle, to give up everything for a reward you hope your descendants will appreciate. To give your life so that your children will have a better life than you did. Remembrance day is a day when we can show those spirits that we appreciate the sacrafice they made.

Nick Christofalos
Candidate for
best Math and Science Teacher
in Sister Gloria School
for the 2017-2018 School year