Sister Gloria School Newsletter: October 2017

Message from the Principal

Thanks to all the parents who came out to our meet the teacher BBQ. Renovations are continuing on schedule. We hope to open the gym to community activities after the long weekend.

We are expecting that our Home Ec Lab will be ready for student use in the next week or two.

Congratulations to our Cross Country team they competed against students from John D’Or and Fox Lake last week and came out on top. Good Luck Tuesday in Rocky Lane.

We are presently collecting student attendance data for Nominal Role. It is very important that students attend school regularly so that we get the funding necessary to continue the programs that we offer.

Student activities and our STAR program begin this week.

Have a great Thanksgiving Long Weekend.

Mr. Morrison

Special Education

Welcome to October -- the best month of the year! It has been wonderful getting to know all of you. The volleyball team is looking great, and we are excited about a few tournaments coming up in the next few weeks. Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Halloween, and GO PREDS.

Mrs. Coley


School can be a difficult place at times: fast-paced and full of challenges. Facing these challenges means keeping our heads and our hearts in good shape so we can feel good about going to school every day, and come back from school feeling even better.

Here are some tips for families from an article passed along to me by Mr. Morrison. I liked it and thought I’d pass it along to all of you.

Communicate: Foster positive communication skills, both verbal and body language.

The ability to communicate with language and gestures contributes to developing relationship-building skills. Encourage children to find the words to say what they want, the description of how they feel, and the questions to help them understand.

Solve: Apply problem-solving strategies.

Teach children step-by-step strategies to approach conflict or deal with misunderstandings. Knowing strategies to apply helps children to control emotional outbursts and empowers them to deal with something or someone who is challenging.

Play: Use physical games that help children practice the many social skills required in relationships. Play with new and old friends.

Play social games (e.g. Follow the Leader, Charades, Red Light-Green Light), build things together (e.g. forts and blocks), and participate in team sports, dance, martial arts and yoga. Cooperative play requires the integration of many social skills such as taking turns, negotiating, imitating others, reacting positively to others, and seeing different points of view.

Read and Watch: Learn about relationships from books and movies.

Children’s books and movies provide a glimpse into both healthy and unhealthy relationships. Talk about and learn from fictional situations.

Believe: Promote your trust in your child and maintain positive expectations.

Be ok with mistakes that your children make and, at the same time, maintain positive expectations for their behaviour. Provide all the necessary supports for children and youth to meet those expectations in relationships at home, in school and in the community.

Attach: Build strong, secure relationships between adults and children by expressing emotions openly and authentically.

Strong relationships take time and require ongoing attention. Talk openly about feelings – both your own and your child’s. Listen to them without judgment or trying to solve their problems.

Display: Add visuals to the environment that promote positive relationships.

Display items and images that symbolize or represent getting along with others. Common examples are photos of people together, positive words and quotes, and books available to read.


We're already working on a few of these tips right now in our school, including building relationships through fun activities. We are also teaching students to solve problems by focusing on our community values of Honor, Respect and Wisdom.

Very soon you’ll also hear about a Parent Evening where we’ll share more strategies for ensuring that everyone at Sister Gloria experiences a safe and caring school life.

It has been a pleasure getting to know many of you during the month of September, and I look forward to meeting the rest in the coming months! Please drop by and say hello!

Miss Stephens

Industrial Arts

Hello everyone, getting really excited to finish our first projects with all the classes and move onto our next ones. Thanks Mr.Stauffer.

Mr. Stauffer

Physical Education


Welcome to October, we have been busy running volleyball and cross country practices all month. SGS won the aggregate cross country race! We will be sending 12 runners to Rocky Lane on Tuesday October 3 to compete in regionals, good luck everyone!
Sister Gloria will be hosting a LRRBE volleyball tournament on October 17-18 come out and cheer on your Buffaloes. The NHL kicks off on Wednesday I expect to see everyone supporting the Calgary Flames!!!

Girls Gr.3-6

1- Rachel Blesse SGS
2- Kiara D'or SGS
3- Kaylie Blesse FLE
4- Avery Loonskin SGS
5- Sharissa Seeseequon FLE
6- Cammie Laboucan JDP

Boys Gr.3-6

1- Jayden D'or JDP
2- Ryder Tallcree SGS
3-Baryn Laboucan FLE
4- Taylor D'or SGS
5-Jaycee Loonskin SGS
6-Barry Laboucan FLE

Girls Gr.7-9

1- Sadia Laboucan JDP
2- Amira St. Arnault JBS
3- Rayleen Nanooch SGS
4-Melinie Nanooch JDP
5- Teanna Noskiye JBS
6- Keena Laboucan JBS

Boys Gr.7-9

1- Garrison Alook SGS
2- Mario SGS
3- Bodey Wapoose SGS
4- Stacey SGS
5- Adam Sewepagahan SGS
6- Jordan ?? JDP

Boys Gr.10-12

1- Howard Ribbonleg JBS
2-Oliver Seeseequon JBS
2- Ambrose Loonskin JDP
4- Derian Laboucan JBS
5- Rondel Loonskin JDP
6- Brennan Johns JDP

From the Sports Desk of
Mr. McKay

Outdoor Education


The students have been busy this first month of school. All grades were taken out to the bush to learn about tea-making. We harvested amesk wikaskwa (wild mint) and ayoskanek (raspberry) to make tasty tea!
We followed that up by learning about fall berries and which ones can be eaten and/or made into jams. The students picked lots of kwastokomena (bunchberry) and mosomna (low-bush cranberry).
The middle of the month was spent in a canoe on the open marsh out at the second dugout. We saw ducks, geese, beaver, river otters, and even a small flock of Tundra Swan!
To finish the month off, all students in grades 6-12 participated in a .22 calibre rifle marksmanship tournament called the Eagle Eye Cup. Congratulations to SGS's first Eagle Eye Champion, Bruce Alook!! ***photos will be coming once the trophy arrives***

Things are looking good for October, as we are gearing up for school camping at the cabins and an inaugural SGS archery tournament! All the best to you!!

Mahsi, Creator's blessings to all.
Sweet T

Cree Language and Culture with Niles

We just complete the moose unit with the high school. This month we are learning about the eagle and what it represent to our native people. With the elementary level students, we have been learning about diamond shape words and the sound of each syllabic symbol


Cree Language and Culture with Violet

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Miss Violet Blesse was not able to make an entry in the newsletter this month.

Dear K4 Parents,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mrs. D’Or was not able to make an entry in the newsletter this month.

K-5 Classroom

The Kindergarten class has had a good start to the school year. The students are busy learning how to play cooperatively, listening to the adults in the school, how to hold a pencil, how to write their name, and learning the alphabet and numbers to 10. Please stop by the classroom any time to check on how your child is doing in the classroom environment.

Parents and Guardians, you can help your child at home by getting them to practice printing their name/letters/numbers, reviewing the letters and sounds of the alphabet, and counting forward and backward to 10. Thank you for a wonderful first month of school!!!

In regards to High School Career Counselling, I have now had a chance to meet with almost all of the high school students. We have talked about credits and how many they have currently and what credits/courses they need to do to achieve their high school diploma. The students have also given me an idea of what their interests are and what they would like to do once they are done high school. The next step with them is to look up their different jobs they are interested in so they can see where they can go for the job of their choice and what courses they may need in high school to get there. Parents please come in after school to talk about your child(s) future in regards to high school and potential post secondary options.

Mrs. Gladue and Roderick Blesse

Grade One

Happy October Everyone!

September has been super busy! We have taken the time to do a review of many of the basic academic skills covered in K4 and K5 in order to make sure everyone has what they need to proceed. At the same time our class has been working hard learning or reviewing in-class basics like asking for a turn to speak, working quietly and lining up quickly. We have also worked on proper behaviour in the bathroom, lunch room and hallways, and out in the playground. In particular we have talked about and begun to practice how to handle conflicts with classmates and other students in the school. Through it all, though, we have been having fun learning and playing with each other. Just look at those cute faces!

As the Thanksgiving Day weekend approaches the Grade One class would like to wish you and yours infinite peace, prosperity, and abundance!

Ms. Tara Barnett

Grade 2 Classroom

We have had a busy September! Thank you to those of you that were able to make it out to the Meet the Teacher BBQ. The past month we have been settling into our classroom expectations and have been working a lot on positive interactions between classmates. We have started exploring liquids, learning about odd and even numbers, and types of communities.

Mrs. Stauffer

Grade 3

Is it October already? September flew by in our class, we have been working on our class routines and procedures while also getting started on our first units... awesome job so far, grade 3's!

Ms. Gail John and Kyler Tallcree

Grade 4

It has been a pleasure learning more about the students in our class. So far we have made most progress in our Math and Social Studies classes.
Many of the students have shown great interest in the history of their province. We are about half way through one of the projects that they will complete in Social Studies and the work that most have put together is pleasing. Working in groups have impacted the work in our Math classes. Most show interest in helping their fellow classmates. We are hoping that this will continue. We are looking forward to seeing great improvements in all areas of studies for the coming months.

Mr. Barrymore

Grade 5

Hi all,

September was a great month of learning and community building within our classroom. Students are doing great at taking responsibility in the classroom by doing daily jobs and completing their work. Our classroom agreement, which all students have signed, states that: "We, the Grade 5 class, agree to respect others, respect ourselves, and respect the school." Please feel free to discuss with your child what this means. October has us doing lots of fun Halloween activities. Debra and I would also like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!

The class enjoying Place Value Scoot
We practice our reading every day!

Ms. T and Debra

Grade 6

Hey Sister Gloria,

I hope everyone had a fantastic September! I'm excited for Halloween! Here's a fun fact for the month: Cherophobia is the fear of fun. Hopefully no one here has that!

Miss Johnstone

Grade 7 and 8

It is hard to believe it is October already! The grade 7/8 class had an exciting September. They had lots of adventures in outdoor education, including canoeing and trips into the bush to the cabin.

Two of our classmates showed their skill by coming in fourth place in the archery competition and third place in cross country!

All students now have new school accounts and are enjoying the schools new Chrome Books. We have been investigating ecosystems in science and integers in math; while reading some neat graphic novels in English!

Until next month,
Ms. Roop

Grade 9

Mr. Turk here, Off to a great start this year. Keep attending!

Mr. Tyler

High School English and Social Studies

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Miss Livingstone was not able to make an entry in the newsletter this month.

High School Math and Science

October, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Goblins and Ghosts. I am scared already. Imagine how scared I will be by the end of the month.

The big news this month in science is that we are studying the Endocrine system and will then be moving on the the reproductive system. An interesting and complicated topic.
Film making class is getting more interesting as the students are writing, directing, and staring in their own short films. And finally, the weight lifting club is starting to get more popular and more students are showing up to lift weights after school.

I am looking forward to a fantastic October and would welcome any ideas for a Halloween costume. Have a happy month.

Nick Christofalos
Candidate for
best Math and Science Teacher
in Sister Gloria School
for the 2017-2018 School year