Sister Gloria School Newsletter: January, February, March and April 2019

Message from the Principal

The students and staff of SGS will be busy over the final seven weeks of the school year. There are year end Field Trips, Cultural Week, K-5 Grad, Grade 12 Graduation, Awards Day and Field Day in addition to the regular extra curricular activities. Watch Facebook for dates and times of these events.

I would encourage all parents to see that their children come to school regularly and complete the grades they are currently enrolled in. Also a reminder that students need their sleep in order to do their best in school, try to set a bedtime appropriate for the age of each of your children. We do drive students home who cannot stay awake in school.

Have a great month of May, summer break will be here before you know it.

Mr. Morrison

Happy Spring from the special education room!

We have been very busy working on our literacy and love of reading over the past couple months. Tracey has been also working with small groups on speech and language development with fun games and activities. The students always seem to leave our room wth a big smile on their face and are happy to share what they have learned with their family and classmates.

Moving forward we will be updating reading records for all students from Grade 2-9 so we will be able to see the growth they have made this year. As the weather gets nicer, remember to stay safe while outside!

Until next month,
Jenn Roop - Special Education Teacher
Tracey D’Or - Speech Language Assistant

Greetings from the Counselling Office!

Over the past few months, through attending conferences and welcoming guests to our community, we've heard about devastating challenges in people's lives and how they've overcome to really shine their lights in the world. How did they do it? Through music, humour and poetry, getting physically active, spending time outdoors, helping others, finding new friends, and sharing their stories with others. We are busy doing these things in Garden River, too, and it's making a difference in the lives of our youth.

I’m so pleased every time our students go out on trips. They are polite, respectful young people and I’m so proud of how they represent our community. Thank you to those who freely give their time to accompany them! Thanks also to Marc and Whitney Garreau who have started formal piano lessons with some of our students! All of these efforts help ensure that the youth of Garden River will grow up to cherish many wonderful memories of their school years.

I leave you with words of wisdom from Dakota House: “It’s not about what your life makes’s about what you make of your life.”

Lyla Stephens
School Counsellor

Industrial Arts

Hello everyone hope spring has been good to you. The co2 cars are done and will be racing soon. Most of the grades are working on learning to use he router by doing a string art plaque. Our high school student are collectively building a shed.

Till next time, Mr. Stauffer

Physical Education

Due to unforeseen circumstances I was not able to make an entry for the newsletter this month.

From the Sports Desk of
Mr. McKay

Outdoor Education

Here are some photos of the trip some of our high school students went to in Ottawa. We toured much of the city and learned a great deal about Canada's involvement in the First World Wars.

Mahsi, Creator's blessings to all.
Sweet T

Cree Language and Culture with Niles

During Cree class, the High School boys made moose hide scrapers.


Cree Language and Culture with Violet

Hi, this semester we are working on our Cree syllabic writing skills, we have been doing our pronunciations of the months, days, colors, etc. These are the grade 3 students practicing their Cree syllabics writing.

Miss Violet Blesse
Mrs. Connie Nanooch

Dear K4 Parents,

Due to unforeseen circumstances I was not able to make an entry for the newsletter this month.

Mrs. D’Or & Mrs. Nanooch

Hello from the K5 room!

The students have continued working on alphabet letter names and sounds. We are starting to blend together the sounds to read small words and are learning about beginning sounds of words. In math we are finishing off our last unit on counting numbers to 10 and will be starting units on 3D shapes and measurement. In science we have almost completed our living and non-living things unit and will be starting a unit on safety next. In social studies we have completed our unit on community helpers and have started a unit on dinosaurs. For art we are continuing to work on seasonal activities. The students have shown a lot growth and the teachers in the K5 room are very proud of the progress they have made!

Mrs. Gladue, Mrs. Nanooch, Mrs. D'Or

Grade One

Due to unforeseen circumstances I was not able to make an entry for the newsletter this month.

Ms. Tara Barnett

Grade 2 Classroom

This spring has kept the grade two class busy. We have been busy learning to measure in math and learning about friendly letter in language arts. As the days get longer please encourage your children to get a good night’s sleep and be coming to school bright and early every morning so we can make the most of the remainder of the school year!

Mrs. Stauffer and Wynter

Grade 3

Hello Garden River Community! The grade 3's are starting their last units for this year. Time flies, as of April 29th, there are only 8 weeks of school left. For those who are regular attenders, keep up the great attendance and effort. For those who are not regular attenders, please come to school and give your best effort. For those who were regular attenders, please come back to school regularly, we are not done grade 3 yet!

Here are some pictures...

Ms. Gail John and Kyler Tallcree

Grade 4

Happy Easter from the Grade 4 class! Spring has sprung and there's just one month to go. The boys and girls are ready to "hop to it"!

Mr. Pike

Grade 5

We have been busy in grade 5! We have been learning about and celebrating all the ways people are different, and determining ways we can make everyone feel accepted and valued. In math, we have been practicing using money, making change, and shopping with a budget! We finished reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and learnt about figurative language and activism with the book, The One and Only Ivan. In the coming months, we are looking forward to Culture Week, an end of the year party, and seeing who won the SGS Readathon! Best of luck to all the participants. The winners will be announced on May 2. Happy Spring!

Ms. T and Debra

Grade 6

Hello Sister Gloria,

The grade six class has been busy this year! We went on our field trip to Edmonton in February and had a blast! The class visited a fire station and were able to try out all of the cool equipment. We went to the Telus World of Science and were taught how to test a crime scene, visited the space exhibit, and saw the constellations in the sky lab. We also went swimming at the rec center and had fun jumping on the trampolines at the Jump and Play. We finished off our trip with a visit to the West Edmonton Mall and Galaxy Land.

The grade six class has also been practicing our reading skills and have been participating in the school Readathon by reading over 30,000 pages! We are excited for the weather finally become warm so that we can go outside for our new science unit, Trees and Forests. We can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings for us!

Miss Johnstone and Arlene

Grade 7

The Grade 7s have been busily springing into Spring, even if the weather appears to have forgotten that it is now May. Over the last term we have delved into a number of fantasy worlds in graphic novel form, The Hobbit being the most significant, in English we have also been learning all about verbs and all the action that entails. Our ongoing weekly spelling competition has stayed close again this semester with any one of 4 people still in the running for the big end of year prize. In math we have moved from fractions into probability, learning the “range" of just how “mean” math can be. We are looking forward to the weather warming up as we have a number of fun Science experiments to do outside to rocket our way into the Summer.

Mr. Crick

Grade 8 and 9

It has been a very exciting and interesting year so far. Please keep attending! I look forward to our closing activities and warm weather. Stay safe out there kids.

Mr. Tyler

High School English and Social Studies

Due to unforeseen circumstances I was not able to make an entry for the newsletter this month.

Miss Livingstone

High School Math and Science

Wow, so much has happened since the last newsletter. We are presently working on Trigonometry and doing our best to master the topic. I also am working on Algebra since it's an area that many students are having difficulty with. Other than that we have been enjoying the simple things in life such as wearing our clothes backwards.

Does this shirt make me look fat?

Nick Christofalos
Candidate for
best Math and Science Teacher
in Sister Gloria School
for the 2017-2018 School year